Name: Ramiro Mancilla

School/year: UT Long SOM, 2nd year medical student.

Educational Background: B.S. Biology from Texas State University (2019).

Medical Interests/goals: IDK Internal Medicine/Surgery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hobbies/Fun Interests: Hiking, learning piano, video games, Netflix

“I wanted to become a doctor since I was a little kid because I really liked science and medicine seemed like a very helpful field for society. Coming from a low socioeconomic household I understood the need for healthcare for those without any means of getting help. As a first-generation American it was difficult finding out how to navigate undergrad to become a good applicant for medical school and I was glad to have friends who could mentor me about how to handle my time in undergrad. I see this as paying back people who have helped me through my undergrad and I look forward to providing any type of guidance that could help someone realize their goals :)”

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