Name: Mabel Thai

School/year: UT Health Science Center at San Antonio Long SOM/ 1st year medical student

Educational Background: B.S. Biochemistry from the University of Texas at Dallas (2021).

Medical Interests/Goals: Oncology, emergency medicine

Hobbies/Fun Interests: Ice hockey, photography, puzzles, piano/art, MMA, offroading, weightlifting.

“I am a first generation college student who learned to navigate resources and opportunities in undergrad and my first year of medical school. I am a traditional medical student who entered Long SOM immediately after my graduating semester at UT Dallas. I love to advocate for the importance of intersectionality in healthcare due to helping my immigrant parents navigate the American medical system, and spending time abroad at a hospital in Cuenca, Spain and learning about different modalities of global healthcare. I am looking forward to helping students who share the same interest in medicine and help them navigate the process of applying to medical school.”

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