Name: Jack Kennady (He/Him)

School/year: UIWSOM/3rd year medical student

Educational Background: B.A. Public Health double-minoring in French and Enviornmental Studies from Austin College in Serman, Tx (2017)

Medical Interests/Goals: Family medicine in an underserved/rural area

Hobbies/Fun Interests: Guitar and music production, cooking, reading fiction, and pets (pugs in particular).

“I’m from a rural town in west Texas with a population of 90 people, so I saw firsthand the impact limited physician access has on a community’s health. Growing up in that enviornment fostered my interest in rural medicine from the start and it has continued to be a strong motivator in my pursuit of serving as a semi-rural family physician in the Pacific Northwest. I love the human connection family medicine provides and I look forward to improving the patient experience through targeted vulnerable shared decision making.

My undergraduate premed advisors told me “It is unlikely you will be accepted to medical school with your science GPA and MCAT score.” I never had a positive mentor in my undergrad career who truly understood how to create a holistic medical school application. Without any real guidance I applied to medical school two times (three times if you count the application I never submitted) – once via the TMDSAS system and another via ACOMAS. After gaining some life experience at the Indiana State Department of Health’s HIV division, I used my experience to improve my application and expand my horizons and I want to be a resource to undergrad students who are stuck in the echo chamber that can be the medical school application process.”

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