Name: Erica Santos

School/year: Long SOM/2nd year medical student

Educational Background: BSA Biology The University of Texas at Austin (2020)

Medical Interests/goals: Internal medicine, family medicine

Hobbies/Fun Interests: Total foodie, watching movies/shows, reading

“I come from a small, border town in Texas, so going to college in Austin was a drastic change, but I loved it! I am Latina and value my culture. To me, being a future Latina doctor means an opportunity to bring a unique perspective that understands the Latino culture and experience.

I always accept opportunities to help mentor others, because I personally did not know any doctors growing up. I am also a first-generation college graduate so I know the struggle first hand on going into new things not knowing what to expect. Now, I try to be the person someone can turn to with questions and support.”

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