Name: Cameron Borens

School/Year: Long School of Medicine, 1st year medical student

Educational Background: B.S. Biology from University of Tulsa (2021).

Medical Interests/goals: Primary Care (most likely Pediatrics, but also open to Family Medicine/Internal Medicine/Med-Peds) so that I can have the opportunity to continually invest in the same patients and develop a strong bond with them as I help achieve better health through both prevention and treatment.

Hobbies/Fun Interests: Basketball, playing Smash, working out, board games

“I am an out-of-state student from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both of my parents are nurses, so I was exposed to the medical field very early in life and have always been raised to serve others as often as possible. Considering how much I value and prioritize making connections with others and consistently investing in them, I am very excited to serve as a mentor in this program to help pre-med students have the best shot possible to get into a medical school and begin the journey towards a career in service of others. I hope to become both a friend and a mentor so that you feel encouraged and supported during the very strenuous task of applying to medical school.”

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