The past few months at The Patient Institute have been very busy! We have been working on new & improved educational guides, expanding our speaker’s bureau, and we recently hosted our annual Elegant Evening. Have a look below to see more detail.

Elegant Evening Excitement!

On June 8th we held our annual Elegant Evening event, celebrating three fantastic honorees for their contributions to patient advocacy. We had a great turnout of over 100 guests in attendance to help us celebrate our honorees.

This year’s honorees, Dr. Berggren, Rev. Dr. Copeland, and Mr. Kazen, PA-C, all have had a great impact on patient advocacy. Each honoree spoke to the importance of patient advocacy in various ways. Mr. Kazen expressed that patient advocacy should be an automatic part of a healthcare provider’s job. Reverend Dr. Copeland explained that the patient should always come first when providing care. Dr. Berggren spoke about looking past a patient’s diagnosis to see their entire situation, as well as incorporating a patient’s preferences for their care. At The Patient Institute we are so proud to call these astounding individuals this year’s honorees.

Speaker’s Bureau

One of the many ways we accomplish our goal of empowering patients and their caregivers is through education. One aspect of this is our speaker’s bureau program.

This year, so far, we have held a large number of presentations on topics from medical record security, stress management, technology and many more. We are continuing to grow this program through new speakers and expanding our audience. Please view our calendar for upcoming events!


WeLEAP is a program for pre-healthcare professionals that is provided by The Patient Institute. This program focuses on teaching future providers information that is not taught in medical school such as, health insurance, managing finances, and managing mental health. WeLEAP is gearing up for a new semester at UIW School of Medicine. Visit WeLEAP for more details!

CAST-MED is a new high school specifically for students who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, opening in August 2019. The Patient Institute is proud to announce our partnership with CAST-MED. Stay tuned for more details!