Tips to Take Control of Your Health

Taking Control of Your Healthcare

Bexar County Medical SocietyTaking control of your healthcare is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Your efforts now may save your life down the road:

  • It is extremely important to find and start going to a primary care physician. Choose a primary care physician who you like and whose office staff is responsive and helpful.
  • If you don’t already have a primary care physician, click on Find Your Doctor and follow the instructions to find one that is accepting new patients.
  • You can also call the MARC, the University of Texas Medical School Medical Arts and Research Center, to find a primary care physician who will accept you as a patient there. You will need health insurance or Medicare to be seen there.
  • If you are a Bexar County resident, you can also go to University Health System’s clinics. You can go to these whether you have health insurance or not.

Preparing For Your Appointment

The following link will bring you to a form that you can print and fill-out in preparation for your medical appointment(s). Preparing for your appointment allows you to prepare the answers that you will inevitably be asked to provide on forms when you arrive at your doctor’s office. How many times have you been at the doctor’s office filling out a form and not been able to remember how many milligrams of that medicine you take or when you had that surgery? This form will allow you to put the information together at home, where you have the information!

The form also has space to write down the questions that you would like to ask at the appointment. Not only that, but it has space to write down the answers as you get them! Did you know that 80% of patients forget what their doctor tell them by the time they leave their offices?

Please explore and use the form, as it has many features that will empower you to become a partner in your own care.

Prepare for Appointments

Prepare for Appointments

How To Talk To Your Doctor

How to talk to your doctor is an important part of getting the healthcare you need. For helpful tips when talking to your doctor, download the guide.

Talking to Doctors

Talking to Doctors

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Insurance Exchanges offer a choice of health plans at This plan has a lower the cost but a higher the deductible so you will have to pay more out of pocket.

Emergency Room Vs. Urgent Care

Get answers about when you should go to the emergency room or when an urgent care center can cover your needs. Also included is a FAQ section in regards to both kinds of facilities. Click here for the tip sheet.

ER? Urgent Care?

ER? Urgent Care?

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