COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

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General Information

Mental Health America provides free resources and articles on mental health information for disease outbreak, financial support, coping with anxiety, connecting with others, links to apps and websites that offer support groups. Includes apps and online forum suggestions. Visit their website.

National Alliance on Mental Illness provides guides, webinars, and articles providing answers to mental health questions concerning the pandemic. The official NAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide can be found here on their website.

Texas Health and Human Services. Call 1-833-986-1919 for COVID-19 related mental health support. Or visit this website for information of resources in Texas.

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention provides information on how COVID-19 causes stress, how stress affects different people–parents, children, responders, elderly, patients with underlying health and mental health conditions–and tips to help cope with stress: breathing techniques, eating healthy meals, connecting with others, etc. Visit their website.


Wysa is a free personal and portable AI therapist app providing a safe, anonymous, and nonjudgmental environment for expressing thoughts and emotions during difficult times. Wysa also provides self-care exercises and trained therapists for an additional monthly payment. Visit their website.