Cara Schachter, an MS-3 at Long SOM, started the Pre-Med Library so pre-meds could have access to the resources they needed without worrying about the expenses that came with it. She reached out to WeLEAP to initiate the project in the Fall of 2021. After collecting books from medical students at UIW and Long, we launched this drive in December 2021 at UTSA and UIW. We hope to continue these drives every semester.

Thank you to the UTSA Honors College for letting us use your facilities for our official launch in December 2021. Thank you to our founding team Fatima Ali, Codie Kurka, Sabrina Perez, and Jenessa Short, for making this possible. If you are interested in signing up for resources or volunteering with this project, please email info@patientinstitute.org for more information.

Students in WeLeap Program

The MCAT was last updated in 2015, so all the books available through the Pre-Med Library are great resources for studying. You may also want to check out blueprintprep.com for 1600 FREE MCAT study flashcards and additional free resources. If you have any questions or would like to donate the books back when you are done with them, please get in touch with sabrina@patientinstitute.org

Pre-Med Library students
Pre-Med Library gathering books
Pre-Med Library testing preparation books
Pre-Med Library working on packages

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