Conditions and Diseases of Healthcare Systems (CDHS)

The Patient Institute’s open and free collection of conditions and diseases is designed to ultimately identify and characterize serious disorders of healthcare systems hopefully leading to their amelioration or cure. These disorders not only affect the care of patients but they cause pain and suffering to providers and payors as well.

Virtually all the conditions and diseases found in healthcare systems impact every stakeholder but manifest themselves in each stakeholder and stakeholder group differently. While many of the conditions and diseases have what appear to be ironic or amusing names, they are all serious conditions that affect the well-being of patients and other stakeholders in healthcare systems. By its nature, this collection will always be a work-in-progress and is always subject to expansion and modification.

We invite contributions to the CDHS via info@patientinstitute.org. If you truly have a passion for this enterprise and are interested in becoming a CDHS curator/editor, please contact us at the same email address.

Conditions and Diseases of Healthcare Systems

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Conditions and Diseases of Healthcare Systems

Read the article “Hypermetricosis: The Hidden Epidemic” (Darren M. Donahue, JD, Adam V. Ratner, MD)

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